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Teamspeak Come Join Us
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We'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays or whatever else you'd like to celebrate at this time of year!

Thank you for all of your support, contributions and good times over this past year. Looking forward to a successful and exciting 2017!

JamieKG & Quinn
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Come join us in Discord! To download the app, please go to https://discordapp.com/.
Discord will have a small learning curve over teamspeak but we're always here to help and guide you through the transition.
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Due to the state of Primitive + we have decided to host a server without that DLC and use some mods to get a nice feel the rates are the same as the primitive + server and the details are as follows
Server name : Eternal Gamer LowTec PvPvE ORP 2X3G4T Fresh 10/11
The Mods I recomend subscribing before joinig makes for a faster Join

server list


Quick Join: steam://connect/


Thanks JamieKG
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Devastating news from Brussels this morning

We hope our friends and their families are okay

Our hearts go out to all those effected
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We have breathed new life into our Arma server. Our developer and staff are hard at work to make sure we bring new features to keep game play exciting and fresh.

A couple fun additions:
Better AI missions
AI patrols with backup

We will be posting change logs to keep everyone informed of our progress.
Check us out and snipe you soon...i mean.... see you soon :)
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