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Common sense and courtesy are a strong belief in our community. The policies that we formed for our community reflect the type of behavior we are expecting from members. Its is your responsibility to read through and understand these policies. We expect you to comply with the rules and policies on this site, and from time to time come back to this page and understand any changes when rules/policies are updated. It is at our discretion to alter these rules at any given time, and by visiting our website or creating an account you agree to these rules and conditions. If you have any questions regarding this statement or any of the rules and policies, please contact any member of staff.


We are looking to attract nice friendly people who can share the same interest that we have in gaming. We hope that these prospects are willing to work together and enjoy the time they spend here. We welcome all players, game-play styles, and interests.

Public Audience

Please do not sign up with the intent of broadcasting or advertising for a clan, website or forum. If you wish to become an affiliate or partner with us please PM a founder for further discussion.

If you are interested in becoming part of our staff, you man NOT be apart of any other clan or gaming community. We do not want to have to deal with conflicting interests.

If you register for an account on our website, don't make any posts with it, and don't log in, you will be considered inactive and your account will be terminated.(Discretion of time will be determined by us)

No thread jacking, or making a new thread for any childish reason

Forum Etiquette

The forum is a place to discuss or comment on topics. Please do not post-count, ie posting one worded phrases lik "LOL". This will not be tolerated and the user will be issued a warning.

Promoting or making a reference to:

  • Pornography
  • warez
  • hacking
  • connection manipulation
  • piracy
  • anything that would be considered illegal
  • topics that we feel could compromise the integrity of our community forum


Please do not bump old posts that have no relevance

Rankings and Discipline

Be courteous to staff and respect their decisions. We have added them to staff for a reason. They uphold the values that we have in our community. If there is a discrepancy with a staff member (sometimes there are bad eggs) that you see as abuse, PM an owner and we will handle it.

If you are caught abusing our resources and disobeying the rules, it will be at our discretion as to how it is handled.

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