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Server Name: [Eternal Gamer] PvPvE ORP 3XP/4G/5T

Events will most likely occur at least once every 2 weeks, with preference being on Staurdays

Main Server Settings
Setting Multiplyer
XP 3
Harvest Amount 4
Taming Speed 5
Egg Hatch Speed 5
Baby Mature Speed 5
Baby Food Consumption Speed 1
Mating Interval Multiplier 1
PVP Structure Decay True
No Tribute Downloads True
Auto Destroy Old Structure 1.000000
Admin Logging True

Offline Base Protection Settings
Setting Value
Base Timer Minutes 20.0
Use Magic Timer True
AOE Radius 12000.0
Tribe Limit 2
Pillar Health 100000.0
Debuff Delay 300.0
Dino HP Muliplier 2.0
Dino DMG Multiplier 2.0
Structure HP Multiplier 4

Stargate Atlantis
Offline Raid Protection
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls Mod
Armored Storage
Temp Building Mod
Ascended Structures

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