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Ark rules

Server Rules

  • No cheating, hacking, or glitching/exploiting
  • No offensive in-game names
  • No griefing/trolling other players
  • No abusive language or abuse aimed at players
  • No racism or harassment (instant ban if caught)
  • English only in global chat (other languages okay to use in team chat)
  • Do not argue with admins in game (if there is a dispute please feel free to speak to any admin in our teamspeak channel - Conversations will be confidential)
  • All server restarts will be posted in general chat prior to restart.  Please make sure you log off in time, there will be possible rollbacks and no recompense given.
  • All server rules are subject to change at any time by the server admins/server owner
  • Any breach of these rules may result in a kick from the server for a period of time or a permanent server ban


  • No Blocking other players pre-built territories by use of pillars etc (eg. building pillars around someone's base)
  • No blocking resource nodes by use of pillars etc.
  • No land grabbing (Placing foundations or other constructions to "save" the area for later)
  • All buildings placed inside caves will receive 6 times more damage than normal buildings (ARK standard)


We use ORP, a mod that makes offline base raiding harder (A lot but not impossible) and it should make the following things happen:

  • While a tribe member is online the ORP would be offline (green in colour)
  • When the last tribe member logs off, it will take 20 minutes, plus an extra period of time per base piece, for the ORP to activate (red in colour)
  • When a tribe member logs in it takes 'X' amount of seconds for the ORP to debuff
  • Passive, tames dino's whilst ORP buff is active will be in God mode
  • All tamed dino's that are not on passive have 2 times the hit points
  • All tamed dino's that are not passive have 2 times the damage
  • All structures have 4 times the hitpoints

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