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Arma Rules

Exile Mod General Server Rules

  • Hacking on our server is not tolerated and will result in permanent ban
  • Duping item = permanent ban
  • Glitching of any type is not tolerated
  • Do not voice in side chat
  • English only in side chat
  • Combat logging will not be tolerated
  • Advertising of any type is prohibited
  • Racism or abusive behavior of any type to anyone on our servers is strictly forbidden

Safezone Rules

  • Traders (Blue shaded areas) are god mode
  • Stealing is allowed
  • Camping the safezone is allowed
  • Using safezone to avoid combat is not allowed
  • Shooting into safezone at plyers and vehicles is not tolerated
  • Vehicles left at safezone will unlock after restart (guarenteed to be stolen)


  • No building in a safezone
  • No building close to a safezone (1000m)
  • No building in/on or close to military base/airport/military loot (500m)
  • No building on roads, do not block roads either

Base Maintenance

  • Visit office to pay upkeep for your territory

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