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Team Speak Rules

Once you have registered and made your first post on the forums we welcome you to join our Teamspeak server (voice.eternal-gamer.com). We actively encourage the use of our teamspeak server, it is by far the best way to communicate in real time. Due to that fact, our Teamspeak server comes with its own set of rules to promote an enjoyable experience.

  • Harassment - We will NOT tolerate harassment. This includes (but not limited to) "stalking" a user between channels, poking a user excessively to get this attention, or sexual harassment of ANY type
  • Channels - Please try to stick to pertinent channels. Do not sit in the minecraft channel if you are playing arma.
  • Spamming - Please refrain from playing loud music, it is obnoxious and disrespectful. Warnings will be issued to users that "poke spam" or "mic spam". Further violations will ban you from our server.
  • Courtesy - Be respectful of everyone regardless of community status. The Eternal Gamer community respects members as well as opponents. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Please do not talk over other members, cuss at them or talk behind their backs. Let's be adults and respect our fellow gamers. We have all been in a position of need at some point, so if a member is having a problem, help them out.

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