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Properbo's Whitelist Application

Discussion in 'CrackPack Whitelist Applications (server closed)' started by Properbo, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Properbo

    Properbo New Member

    Feb 22, 2015
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    Player Name: properbo

    Age: 18

    Country: United States

    Youtube Name:

    Have you played Crackpack before? Yes, I have been active on several small servers with dedicated groups.

    Estimated Play Time per week: I play anywhere between 1-4 hours on weekdays and 4-7 hours on weekends.

    Team-speak participant? I enjoy using teamspeak as it is a way to bond with others and realize its a person behind the characters you play with. I use teamspeak daily

    Why you would like to join: I have been looking for a mature modded server for a while and would greatly enjoy being a part of one that is.
  2. JamieKG

    JamieKG Member
    Staff Member Owner

    Jan 8, 2014
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    Hi @Properbo and welcome to eternal gamer thanks for applying to the old crackpack server but sorry to tell you that this server was shut when the new version of the pack came out

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